Thursday, January 3, 2013

Start of an adventure

This is the blog of Aidan and  how he sees life, the questions he has and the photos/videos he takes and what ever he wants to write about.

I, Aidan's Mom will be helping him to write at first but the goal is to get him to share with you about his life, his adventures and to go about learning to write.

This is how he has decided to keep up with family and I am supporting it.

Some pointers and rules... You will notice a few things here:

  • If you have a Google+ account you can add and subscribe with no issues (or we hope no issues) and can log in to participate with Aidan. 
  • There is a Slide Show to the Left  <~~~~~ that will go through a lot of Aidan's works, we appreciate if you don't download his work as they are under a no share © due to ownership to him (and his mother - legal guardian)
  • This is a public blog at this time for family and friends and we love contact, please if you don't make an account leave a handle or a name in comments so we know who you are!
  • Artwork and drawings that are not ours have had permissions grated by the artists, please be respectful of this! 
  • Right click has been disabled on this Blog at this time.

It's time to break out the Hot Coco and Cookies and get this party started!

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